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Galvanized grating, also called galvanized steel grating or galvanized steel bar grating, refers to the steel bar grating made of mild carbon steel through hot dipped galvanized surface treatment.

Galvanized steel grating with heavy zinc coating protection serves widely as strong, quick and durable bearing structural elements in offshore oil rig platforms, refineries, plate-forme en bois et couverture sol en ciment, and many other industries. Steel gratings galvanized make an better choice over non-galvanized steel bar grating due to the fact that the galvanized coating helps protects the steel from corrosion.

Our sturdy heavy-duty bar grating is resistance welded to ensure maximum strength, durability and safety. We implement a specially developed automated electric/hydraulic welding technique that combines high pressure and high temperature to permanently fuse the bearing and cross bars together. This creates a solid, permanent joint that can withstand repeated heavy loads. We offer both heavy-duty carbon steel bar grating and stainless steel bar grating to meet our customers’ needs.