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How To Measure Steel Grating Sizes

Measure steel grating size designed for applications where safety and efficiency are vital for industrial and commercial environments.

Steel Grating Size Measurements

Steel grating size measurements are often confused, which can in turn lengthen the quote or ordering process.  In order to make this easier for our customers we have specified how to measure steel grating sizes below:

  1. Start With Measuring TheSteel Grating Length

* Also referred to as “span”

* This is the space between steel grating (center of steel grating to center of steel grating) measured in sixteenth of an inch

  1. Then Measure Size of Steel Grating

* Expressed in inches of thickness and depth of steel grating

  1. Measure The Steel Grating Width

* Also referred to as “connecting steel grating”

* This is measured in inches (center of steel grating to center of steel grating), measured along a single steel grating.

* For riveted steel grating the measurement in between steel grating faces (the inside of both steel grating).

Steel Grating Size Examples

  1. Example of Welded Steel Grating:

* 19-W-4

* Dissected this means welded (W), steel grating spaced at 1 3/16” (19) on center, cross bars

spaced at 4” on center (4).
2. Material

* Examples include steel grating and stainless steel grating.

Other Sizes Cut To Your Specifications

When ordering steel grating, specify:

Type of steel grating
Size of steel grating (depth & width)

Span (direction of steel grating)

Size of Area

Painted or Galvanized, Smooth or Serrated

Can Only Be Installed After Accurate Testing of The Steel Grating Sizes

Paint, rust, oil, water and other dirt must be removed from the surfaces of supporting steels and steel gratings before welding. Sequence welding is adopted. Welding is generally performed at four corners of the steel grating. If the steel grating is subject to continuous heavy loads, additional welding points shall be added to strengthen its welding firmness. When the welding is completed, anti-rust paint is manually sprayed on the weld joints to protect the surface of the steel grating from rusting.

Considerations After InstallationWhen the installation is finished, check the weld joints and clips regularly. If there is any sign of weld joint damage or clip loose, we shall take corresponding measures immediately to ensure the safety use of the steel grating.During unloading and hoisting of steel gratings, it is strictly forbidden to take bearing bars or cross bars as lifting support points.